A. The Korea Grand Sale is an annual event regularly taking place from the Thursday of the third week of every January to the last day of February. If you visit Korea during this period, you will be able to enjoy shopping, sightseeing, and Korean Wave content all together at this all-in-one festival.
A. The benefits of the Korea Grand Sale are only available to non-Koreans. A wide range of benefits are offered in a variety of fields including flights/transportation, accommodation, shopping, beauty, tourist attractions, entertainment, and food and beverages. Please visit the Korea Grand Sale website(http://www.koreagrandsale.co.kr/en/) for detailed information.
Meanwhile the other all-in-one festival, Korea Sale FESTA, offers benefits to both Koreans and non-Koreans. It is held annually from the last Thursday of every September to the last day of October. Please visit the Korea Sale FESTA website(http://www.koreasalefesta.kr/en/) for detailed information.
A. The procedure for participation in the Korea Grand Sale is very simple. You can register on the Korea Grand Sale website(http://www.koreagrandsale.co.kr/en/).
Business participants can get promotional benefits through the Korea Grand Sale’s online/offline overseas promotions and marketing events. They are also authorized the use of the emblems of the Korea Grand Sale including its logos and key visuals.
A. The KOREA TOUR CARD does not have a specific expiration date. You will be able to continue using the card as a transportation pass on your future visits. However, the currently available benefits will expire on the 31st of December, 2018, and a new set of benefits will be offered from 2019 on. For details on the benefits, please read the related post on KOREA TOUR CARD website(http://koreatourcard.kr/en/).
A. The KOREA TOUR CARD is currently unavailable for purchase outside Korea. The earliest accessible source of the card is on your flight to Korea. You can purchase the card from Jeju Air, Hong Kong Express, or Air Seoul. It is also available at the Incheon Airport arrival hall, CU convenience stores, AREX (Airport Railroad Express) travel centers, and vending machines at AREX stations, as well as at the branches of Woori Bank or Shinhan Bank. For detailed information, please visit the KOREA TOUR CARD website(http://koreatourcard.kr/en/
A. The T-money card is a transportation pass available for Korean public transportation, including subways, buses, and taxis, while the KOREA TOUR CARD adds special benefits for foreign tourists to the regular transportation pass. The two types of cards function in the same way as a transportation pass. However, with the KOREA TOUR CARD, you will be able to enjoy special benefits from sponsors in the form of discounts or free souvenirs.
A. Hands Free Service is a paid service. The cost varies according to delivery distance, baggage size, and storage period. The Visit Korea Committee connects tourists with delivery and storage service providers to help you have a more enjoyable time visiting Korea.
* Please visit the Hands Free Service website( http://www.khandsfree.com/en/) for detailed information on service charges.
A. You can take advantage of the luggage delivery service by booking it online on the Hands Free Service website(http://www.khandsfree.com/en/). And you can use the luggage storage service by making a visit to one of the service providers located at major tourist hubs, such as Seoul Station, Hongdae Station, and Incheon Airport.
A. You can use the online discount coupons either by printing them out or simply by showing the online coupon page on your mobile device.
A. The KOREA TOUR CARD must be bought and physically presented to use its wide range of benefits offered at approx. 2,000 stores of some 130 sponsors. Online discount coupons, on the other hand, do not have to be purchased and is freely usable at approx. 100 stores of some 40 sponsors.
A. The Tourist Service Center is a mobile operation visiting major festivals across Korea. However, during the annual events of the Korea Grand Sale and the Korea Sale FESTA, the center stays open to serve as an event center.
A. The currently supported languages are English, Chinese, and Japanese. Interpreters of each language are always present at the Tourist Service Center to provide tourist information and interpreting services.
A. There are no payments required for an invitation. The costs of operating the Tourist Service Center, including personnel wages, are also covered by the Visit Korea Committee. The center is operated under a yearly plan in connection with the schedules of major festivals in Korea. For inquiries, please contact at hrpark@vkc.or.kr (under the Service Management Team).