Visit Korea Committee Activities

Welcoming event for the first guest of '2016~2018 Visit Korea Year' Visit Korea Committee hosted the welcome event of the first guest with a number of important people, including Kim Jong-Deok, the Minister of Culture, Sports, and Tourism, President Jung Chang-Soo of Korea Tourism Organization, an acting president Lee Ho-Jin of the Incheon International Airport Corporation, President Ji Chang-Hoon of Korean Air, and President Kim Soo-Chun of Asiana Airlines. The evet was held at the entry point on the first floor of the Passenger Terminal of Incheon International Airport, on January 1st of 2016, the beginning moment of '2016~2018 Year of Visiting Korea.' Staffs working for the tourism industry, such as crew members of the airlines, tourist police, and taxi drivers, along with Smile Representatives (university students) also participated in the event of celebrating Year of Visiting Korea to welcome the guests visiting Korea. The first foreign visitor to Korea in year 2016 was WANG YAN NI (female, born in 1983, from China) who departed Beijing on 00:25am. She received gifts, including free plane ticket and free pass for 'K-Travel Bus (free bus trip pass).' Foreign guests who arrived in Korea after Wang Yan Ni were presented with traditional Korean lucky bags, wishing them to enjoy special memories in Korea. <Minister of Culture, Sports, and Tourism welcomes the first guest> <Minister of Culture, Sports, and Tourism presents a welcome lucky bag> <Smile Representative presents a welcome lucky bag> <Commemorative photographing with the VIPs and the first guest> <Commemorative photographing with Smile Representative and the first guest>
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Declaration ceremony for '2016-2018, the Year of Visiting Korea' Visit Korea Committee hosted the declaration ceremony for '2016~2018, the Year of Visiting Korea' at 5pm of November 6, at Gyeongbokgung Heungnyemun Gate Plaza. Thousands of guests, including President Park Geun-Hye, the Minister of Culture and Sports Kim Jong-Deok, the Chairman of Visit Korea Committee Park Sam-Gu, local government leaders, foreign Ambassadors to Korea from many countries, workers of the tourism industry and foreign tourists, came all the way to participate in this ceremony. After the declaration of '2016~2018, the Year of Visiting Korea' by Chairman Park Sam-Gu, congratulatory speech by President Park Geun-Hye followed. Next, the Minister of Culture and Sports Kim Jong-Deok appointed Lee Min-Ho, a K-Wave star, and Seol-Hyun of Idol Girl band AOA, as honorary ambassadors of '2016~2018, the Year of Visiting Korea.' Then, smile national team composed of attendants, taxi drivers, and tourism police, representing the tourism industry, along with President and honorary ambassadors, participated in the ceremonial performance of declaration of '2016~2018, the Year of Visiting Korea.' After the official event, participants and teams for 'K-POP Festival,' representing 12 countries from all over the world, and the 'A Special Open Concert for the year of Visiting Korea' heightened the excitement of the crowd. With this declaration ceremony as a momentum, we sincerely wish that '2016-2018, the Year of Visiting Korea' spreads out broadly at home and abroad, leading to more satisfaction for the foreign tourists who come to Korea and creating the friendly image of Korea for a revisit. <Declaration of 2016-2018, the Year of Visiting Korea - Chairman of Visit Korea Committee Park Sam-Gu> <Congratulatory speech for 2016-2018, the Year of Visiting Korea - President Park Geun-Hye> <Honorary Ambassador Seol-Hyeon of AOA (left), the Minister of Culture and Sports Kim Jong-Deok (center), Honorary Ambassador Lee Min-Ho (right)'> <Declaration ceremony for 2016-2018, the Year of Visiting Korea> <Performances of the participants for K-POP Festival>
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2015 K-POP Festival Visit Korea Committee hosted '2015 K-POP Festival' with the total of 70 participants from 12 countries (Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam, India, Australia, Poland, Hong Kong, Nigeria, Indonesia, Turkey, and China) who qualified for K-POP Festival for 5 nights and 6 days, from November 2 to 7. Participants arrived in Korea from their home countries on November 2, expecting a dreamlike schedule in Korea, and had a great time to learn about each other at Welcome Party. On the second day, they performed for the qualification of '2015 K-POP Festival' that they always hoped for. As a result of contest, the first place was awarded to the team from Thailand, the second place was awarded to the team from Singapore, and the third place was awarded to the team from the Philippines. After the contest, participants finished the day by enjoying the DDP tour and watching the show called 'Dance if you are in Love.' On the third and fourth day, all the participants took a look around the major tourism spots favored by young foreign tourists, such as Myeongdong, Avenue for K-POP stars (Cheongdam-dong), Aquarium, SM Town, and Lotte World. They also gathered together with the friends from all over the world and enjoyed K-POP dance at Farewell Party. On November 6, on the day of declaration ceremony for '2016-2018, the Year of Visiting Korea,' these participants of K-POP Festival successfully heightened the crowd's excitement with their excellent talents, and watched the open concert of KBS. On the last day (November 7), they went to Kimchi-making Cultural Festival, and experienced Korean culture of making and tasting kimchi. Participants went back to their home countries with unforgettable memories after very busy schedule of 5 nights 6 days, and will play a role of 'K-Friend' to promote Korea with their affection to K-POP and precious experience in Korea at their home countries. <2015 K-POP Festival Group Photo>
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Hosting of 2015 Seoul International Travel Mart (SITM) Visit Korea Committee hosted 2015 Seoul International Travel Mart (SITM) from September 15th to 18th in cooperation with the city of Seoul. On September 16th, Travel Mart was held at The Plaza Hotel of Seoul after the opening ceremony, in order to have B2B business meetings between the domestic companies with the foreign companies. These meetings were to improve attraction of foreign tourists and provide practical assistance to the tourism industry. At Korea Tourism Presentation Hall, Visit Korea Committee and 4 local governments (from Busan, Gwangju, Jeonbuk and Jeonnam) had time to promote their local tourism resources and products through presentation. Outside of the event hall located promotion booth of Visit Korea Committee and each local governments in order to introduce various attraction of Korea. In addition, magical show within the promotion zone of Korea Grand Sale grabbed attention of foreign buyers. During the official luncheon for the foreign participants, Visit Korea Committee celebrated hosting of Seoul International Travel Mart (SITM) while introducing Visit Korea Campaign of Year 2016-2018, Korea Grand Sale, K-Travel Bus, and Must-See Routes. We look forward to create more diversified tourist products through this event and be able to attract more foreign tourists. <Welcoming speech by the chairman> <VIP cheongsachorong light up opening ceremony performance> <Travel Mart> <Luncheon and presentation about Korean Tourism> <Photo shooting in front of the promotion zone for Korea Grand Sale> <Visit Korea Committee promotion booth> <A toast, proposed by Secretary-General of Visit Korea Committee, Ms. Han Kyung-Ah>
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