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K-POP Festival in Incheon 2014
2016-06-19 20:04

K-POP Festival in Incheon 2014

The much-anticipated highlight of the K-POP Festival in Incheon 2014 took place at Songdo International Business District in Incheon Metropolitan City on September 17. Auditions began in July with online applications and continued for two months. Over 400 dance crews participated in the auditions, eight of which were selected to perform at the 17th Asian Games Incheon 2014 as part of the first segment of the Incheon K-Pop Concert 2014. Talented young dancers from eight Asian countries captivated the audience of over 16,000 people with their smooth moves and passion for K-POP music.

‘Invincible’ from Vietnam’
<‘Invincible’ from Vietnam>

‘Urban Age Crew’ from India
<‘Urban Age Crew’ from India>

‘POISON’ from Indonesia
<‘POISON’ from Indonesia>

‘AMUZ’ from Japan
<‘AMUZ’ from Japan>

‘V-2-M’ from China
<‘V-2-M’ from China>

‘WHILE NO NAME’ from Kazakhstan
<‘WHILE NO NAME’ from Kazakhstan>

‘DEFVALEN’ from Thailand
<‘DEFVALEN’ from Thailand>

‘Se-Eon’ from the Philippines
<‘Se-Eon’ from the Philippines>

K-POP Festival Cover Dance Crew Incheon K-Pop Concert

The eight cover dance crews invited to the K-POP Festival in Incheon 2014 got to stay in Korea for six days and five nights from September 14-19, allowing them sufficient time to prepare for the Incheon K-Pop Concert and visit major tourist attractions in Seoul and Incheon. Young dancers from all over Asia went back home with rich cultural memories and the unforgettable experience of performing in the heartland of K-Pop.

‘Invincible’ from Vietnam’