Visit Korea Committee Activities

Visit Korea Committee Attends 2019 Fukuoka Travel Fair The Fukuoka Travel Fair was held in Fukuoka, Japan for two days on January 12 and 13. The Visit Korea Committee attended the event to raise awareness of Korea tourism and to attract more Japanese tourists to Korea. The committee made extensive preparations to welcome visitors to its booth at the 2019 Fukuoka Travel Fair. The hot pink promotional pamphlets of the Korea Grand Sale, with only a few copies left, are hard to miss. The committee had gone all out in setting up its booth, and enjoyed a high turnout. As you can see, a long queue formed in front of the booth. This shows that the locals were highly interested in traveling to Korea. The Korean boy band G.IAM gave a special live performance, followed by a talk show on Korea tourism, and a Hi-Touch session. The handsome stars had the crowd going wild with their energy and talent. At every hour, the committee held a 15-minute time event at its booth. After using the QR code to connect to the Visit Korea Committee’s Instagram and pressing “Like,” visitors had the opportunity to play rock-paper-scissors. Winners received special souvenirs, and those who tied had another chance to play. Those who lost were also given a small gift just for taking the time to participate! Doesn’t it sound fun? The visitors participated enthusiastically in the event. A Japanese kid is trying his luck at rock-paper-scissors at the booth. Can you guess whether he won or lost the match? The two-day 2019 Fukuoka Travel Fair ended before we knew it. It was satisfying to watch everyone enjoy themselves. More enjoyment awaits travelers in Korea. See you next time in Korea. Make Korea your next destination!
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Forum Held for KOREA TOUR CARD, Exclusive Card for Foreign Tourists KOREA TOUR CARD provides benefits not only in public transportation, but also other tourism-related activities. On November 30, the KOREA TOUR CARD Forum was held at Dongdaemun Design Plaza to discuss ways of making the card more convenient for users. The forum was attended by business partners of KOREA TOUR CARD. Many representatives arrived early at the event, demonstrating their enthusiasm. The business partners were from various sectors, including accommodation, food and drinks, tourist attractions, shopping, performances, entertainment, experience, and ski resorts. The forum kicked off with a welcoming address by Han Kyung-ah, secretary-general of the Visit Korea Committee. The forum featured a presentation on KOREA TOUR CARD’s past achievements, current status, and future plans. Many business representatives shared their experience of providing benefits through KOREA TOUR CARD. KOREA TOUR CARD can be purchased at convenience stores (CU, 7-ELEVEN, GS25, emart24), airlines (Jeju Air, HK Express, Air Seoul), AREX, subway vending machines, banks (Woori Bank, Shinhan Bank), and Global Tax Free. This year’s leading vendors are 7-ELEVEN, AREX, and Seoul Metro. The Outstanding Business Partner Award went to Grand Korea Leisure (Seven Luck Casino), Yegam (Jump), and Creative Tong. The winners were very pleased and honored to receive the award. The forum ended with a group photo-taking session, with everyone shouting “Go, KOREA TOUR CARD!” The Visit Korea Committee will continue to devise measures to provide better services. We look forward to foreign tourists making the most of their time in Korea with KOREA TOUR CARD. Thank you.
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Appointment Ceremony Held for 16th Workers’ National Smile Team On November 22, the appointment ceremony of the 16th Workers’ National Smile Team was held at Tmark Grand Hotel Myeongdong, Seoul. Exemplary workers in various fields gathered to renew their commitment to making Korea more welcoming for foreigners. Before the event, the workers wore a flower corsage and posed for a shot at the photo zone. Living up to their reputation as members of the National Smile Team, their bright smiles were more beautiful than any flower. At this ceremony, a total of 110 workers were appointed from nine fields, including tourist police, transportation, and immigration and customs. Being the first to welcome foreign tourists to Korea, they showed great pride in their profession. The ceremony kicked off with opening remarks and a congratulatory speech by Secretary-General Han Kyung-ah and Acting Chair Kim Hong-ju. The most memorable part of the speech was that kindness—the key to making Korea a country to re-visit —is simply smiling at visitors, and treating them with warmth and sincerity. The representatives of the 110 members headed to the stage and shared their thoughts after receiving a medal and bouquet. Congratulations to all newly appointed members! The representatives of the 110 members headed to the stage and shared their thoughts after receiving a medal and bouquet. Congratulations to all newly appointed members! The National Smile Team formed a heart shape with their fingers for the group photo. Their dazzling smiles and cute finger hearts added to the warm atmosphere. Congratulations to all 110 members. We look forward to the National Smile Team taking the lead in spreading a culture of kindness. Thank you once again!
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Korea Grand Sale 2019 Briefing Held The Korea Grand Sale 2019 is just around the corner. Companies participating in the Korea Grand Sale gathered to attend a briefing session in the hopes of making the festival a bigger success. This briefing session was held at CGV Myeongdong Cinelibrary. The Visit Korea Committee prepared delicious snacks for the attendees. Shall we take a closer look? Many eager attendees arrived early for the event. The session enjoyed a high turnout, and the entire cinema was filled. The session kicked off with a welcoming address by Han Kyung-ah, the secretary-general of the Visit Korea Committee. She was pleased that the Korea Grand Sale is already celebrating its tenth anniversary, and promised to do her best for the success of the nationwide festival, which combines shopping, tourism and the Korean wave. This was followed by a general introduction of events prepared as part of the Korea Grand Sale. The preparations begun in August, and you can expect a wide range of offline and online promotions, all organized to deliver the highest satisfaction. We cannot wait for the Korea Grand Sale to start! This year, a new addition is the MGlass advertisement at the Cheonggye Plaza Event Center. The attendees at the briefing session got a sneak peek through a special demonstration. The last part of the session was a Q&A for participating companies to inquire about the Korea Grand Sale. It was very productive, with many companies sharing their insights and bringing up concerns. The Visit Korea Committee will continue to work hard for the success of the Korea Grand Sale.
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