Visit Korea Committee Activities

“Night for Korea–Japan Friendship” for More Vigorous Exchanges between Two Countries How was your weekend? Did you have a good time? The Visit Korea Committee held a very meaningful event last Sunday, June 11. “Night for Korea–Japan Friendship” it was! Hosted by the Visit Korea Committee and sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the Korea Tourism Organization, Asiana Airline, and Lotte Hotel, the event was to welcome Secretary-General Nikai Toshihiro, an envoy dispatched by Prime Minister Abe Shinzo, and his over 350 friendly delegates. It was also attended by around 100 Korean representatives, the attendees summing up to more than 450 prominent figures from tourism, politics, economy, local governments, and media in Korea and Japan. Chairman Park Sam-koo, at right, and Secretary-General Nikai Toshihiro, at left, entered the room with other guests, soon filling the room full.Friendly greetings among attendees warmed up the air before the event formally began. So many prominent guests joined in this event to strengthen the ties between Korea and Japan that I was very impressed and excited. The event began with a welcoming speech by Chairman Park Sam-koo. He mentioned that Korea and Japan are neighbors both physically and culturally close and that tourism may serve as a buttress to boost exchanges between the two countries. He specifically highlighted his wish for the two countries’ close cooperation in PyeongChang 2018 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games and Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Summer Games as a means of consolidating their bonds. In his response, Secretary-General Nikai acknowledged that the two neighboring countries mean the most to each other and share many historic events in which they had helped one another and suggested that the two countries work together to build up a future-oriented relationship. Subsequently, Secretary-General Nikai received souvenirs prepared by the PyeongChang Organizing Committee, Gangwon Province, and Korea Tourism Organization. Head of the PyeongChang Organizing Committee Lee Hee-bum gave cushions; Governor of Gangwon Choi Mun-sun, dolls; and CEO of the Korea Tourism Organization Jung Chang-su, badges. All the gifts featured Soohorang and Bandabi, the mascots of the PyeongChang Olympics. The photo time could never be forgotten for such an important event like this! The picture above captures guests in Korean and Japanese politics!! Although not everyone could appear in one picture as they were too large in number, thankfully all in attendance applauded and congratulated the event! Then, a celebrating performance followed during dinner! Designed to show Korean beauties, the performance was prepared by Bidan, a fusion Korean classical music team consisting of the haeguem (fiddle), the daeguem (big fiddle), the gayageum (zither with twelve strings), the ta-ak (a set of percussion instruments), and the pansori (dramatic song). The beautiful melody echoing in the room felt refreshing everyone’s mind! The warm welcome for the delegates went on and on even after the event was over! ^^ The committee gave farewells, wishing for the best times in Korea for the delegates. The staff of the Visit Korea Committee worked hard preparing the event from early in the morning! The committee continues its efforts until Korean kindly smiles spread all over the world! We’ll keep up our good work!!!
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Business Conference in Taiwan for All-in-One Festivals for Shopping, Culture, and Tours On June 8th, the Visit Korea Committee held a business conference in Taiwan in an effort to make sure more foreign tourists in Korea enjoy convenient tourist services and use the Korea Tour Card. Attendees were glad like kids while receiving souvenirs at the entrance to the conference room. They were also excited to enter their names for a prize event, definitely the most entertaining part of the conference. 😛 Secretary-General Han Kyung-ah marked the beginning of the conference with an opening speech. She said the committee would further endeavor to produce ampler tour content and convenient service The conference proceeded with detailed presentations about the benefits and services the committee offers. Among them were clips about the Korea Tour Card that facilitates the use of transportation and sightseeing in Korea and the Hands-Free Service that stores and delivers tourists’ luggage. As much as their interest in shopping, many of the attendees gave positive responses for discount benefits. In addition to the introduction to the Visit Korea Committee’s programs, the presentations included various offers by the Korea Tourism Organization, Asiana Airline, Air Busan, Lotte Department Store, Shinsegae Duty Free, and Hyundai Department Store. Both the Korean presenters and Taiwanese attendees remarked that this meeting was a great opportunity to introduce and learn new, diverse information about tours and shopping in Korea. By the end of the conference was a prize lottery drawn from the business cards that attendees had submitted when registering for the conference. This lucky man was so delighted to win an air ticket that even I myself was jealous of him 😛 When you visit Korea, please make sure to use the Korea Tour Card and the Hands-Free Service! A commemorative picture with attendees at the conference. Taiwanese account for the 4th largest number of people visiting Korea. I wish that this conference provides a chance to attract more Taiwanese tourists. Welcome to Korea. ♥
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Tourist Service Center Operated at Korea World Travel Fair 2017 We attended the Korea World Travel Fair 2017 held at COEX from June 1 to 4! The Visit Korea Committee also took part in this event by operating the Tourist Service Center to seize the great chance of promoting Korea. Ta-da! This is the wheeled Tourist Service Center that the Visit Korea Committee operated for 4 days. It got love from so many visitors. Inside the truck, various services attracted visitors—interpretation, experiencing tourist attractions in virtual reality, tourist information, and even mobile phone chargers and free Wi-Fi access!   The hottest was the VR program, which took the players into  Korea’s famous tourist spots and gave them a ride on amusement toys! Many foreign visitors were joyful enjoying visits to Jeju Island, Gyeongbok Palace, and Myeong-dong without bothering to actually go there. There was a K-Smile Pledge of Kindness in front of the Tourist Service Center that the pledgers would give heartwarming Korean smiles to more foreign tourists by taking the 2016–2018 Visit Korea Year as a momentum. It was very touching that so many people willingly participated in this pledge! These foreign visitors expressed their satisfaction with the useful services and experiences they enjoyed at the Tourist Service Center. This is a commemorative shot taken to be posted in a photo guest book! The many visits and fervent responses felt very rewarding to us at the Korea World Travel Fair 2017! The Visit Korea Committee will join in wherever the Tourist Service Center is needed!  
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