Visit Korea Committee Activities

Launch Ceremony of the 16th University Students’ National Smile Team On Saturday, April 22nd, the launch ceremony of the 16th University Students’ National Smile Team washeld at the Kim Koo Museum in Yongsan, Seoul!The event featured an excellent lecture and other meaningful programs that encouraged the attending students to actively participate in the kindness campaign in preparation for the upcomingPyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games.The event proceeded with a joyful atmosphere thanks to the attending students’ active participation, even though it was early on Saturday morning! These are the new 16th University Students’ National Smile Team members who have been proudly selected through intense competition!!Their positive energy is so clearly felt even in a group photo, isn’t it? Before the ceremony came into full swing, the members made apledge to have a good attitude toward the mission assigned to them. Then the 20 groups of the 16th team introduced themselves andpresented their own promotion plans in turn!Our student members came up with a variety of online/offline promotion strategies and ideas. 🙂 At the lecture on a culture of kindness, the students learnedhow to welcome foreign tourists kindly.Every attendee paid close attention to this appealing lecture! To announce the initiation of their activities, the students changed intobeautiful hanbok and came out to Myeong-dong, Jung-gu.They informed foreign tourists who were passing by about theK-Smile Campaign and left them good memories in the form of photos. Starting with the day’s K-Smile Campaign event, the 16th members will go on for five months with different activities that will contribute to a successful PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games.We expect the 16th team to engage in ever more remarkable activitiesuntil the culture of kindness is completely established nationwide.
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Review Meeting on the Outcomes of the Korea Grand Sale On Tuesday, March 14, a standing banner of the Visit Korea Committee was set up at the trendy looking Stay Round Gee on the Hongdae Streets. This day, a meeting was held to review the outcomes of the Korea Grand Sale. It was joined by representatives from the participant companies of the Korea Grand Sale. The logo of the Korea Grand Sale matches well with the finger food, doesn’t it? 😀 At the entrance, the attendees put their business cards into the box for a lucky draw event scheduled at the end of the meeting. Would they get their desired gifts? The meeting began with a witty introduction by MC Nam Gwan-woo, who had also served as the MC at the previous Korea Sale FESTA event. Of course, this remarkable meeting couldn’t be proceeded without a welcoming address of Secretary-General Han Kyung-ah! She gave thanks to all attendees who honored this meeting by their presence even with their busy schedule and promised that the Visit Korea Committee would continue its efforts to better satisfy their needs. A special guest invited from the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism remarked “We always welcome your creative ideas on how to further develop the Korea Grand Sale.” 🙂 And it was followed by a brief report on the outcomes of the Korea Grand Sale by Visit Korea Committee Manager Kim Hyeon-joon. According to a survey of foreign tourists, more than four out of five respondents were satisfied with the Korea Grand Sale, and 79% were willing to visit Korea again! I felt so proud of the great contribution of the Korea Grand Sale to making “a Korea that people want to visit again.” 😀 Now is an awards ceremony for top business performers. The representatives of Shinsegae Department Store and Airport Railroad received the Award of the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism, along with HK Express flight tickets and flower bouquets! And the Award of the Chairman of the Visit Korea Committee was granted to Jayjun Cosmetic, Everland, Shinsegae Department Store, The Face Shop, Tony Moly, Lotte Department Store, and SM Duty Free! Congratulations! 😀 Before those who didn’t won the prizes were disappointed, another chance was given: The Lucky Draw Game! Once a winner was picked out, this fortunate person picked out the subsequent winner to share the luck. The subsequent winner then picked out the next lucky one, and so forth. The review meeting ended with this heartwarming game. ^_^ Please continue your cheering support for the Korea Grand Sale to develop year after year until it completely positions as a representative shopping & tour festival enjoyable for both locals and foreigners!
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2016–2018 Visit Korea Year Participates in ITB Berlin, Germany The 2016–2018 Visit Korea Year came up in Berlin, Germany! The ITB Berlin is one of the largest trade show in Europe. Held at Messe Berlin, the 2017 trade show attracted over 180,000 visitors from 11,000 businesses based in over 190 countries. As a participant in the 2017 ITB Berlin, the Visit Korea Committee successfully get more people familiar with the 2016–2018 Visit Korea Year! The Korea booth was so apparent even from far away! At the booth, the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games was imaged with a motif of a sheep ranch in a beautiful snow landscape of Pyeongchang, Gangwon Province. Next year is so eagerly anticipated! 🙂 A variety of promotional videos were publicizing Korea. Among them, of course, was the video of the 2016–2018 Visit Korea Year! From March 8th to 10th, a consultation meeting was held for travel agencies. Look! There are many kinds of promotional materials prepared by the Visit Korea Committee! (The renewed Visit Korea Year leaflet is so lovely. ^^) During the B2B consultation meeting, visitors were informed about the various benefits and useful tips offered by the Visit Korea Committee for free individual tourists (FITs). As many European tourists prefer to be FITs, so these offers are more than perfect for them! In addition, a briefing session took place where travel agencies were introduced to the programs of the 2016–2018 Visit Korea Year. Thankfully, everybody in attendance kept attention to our presentations throughout the event, from the beginning with the promotional videos until we say goodbye. It’s an event of playing Yunnori, a traditional Korean board game. 🙂 Yunnori was really enjoyed by everybody, men and women, young and old. Even just seeing them got me so excited! I hope this traditional Korean board game could help raise greater interest in Korea and the Visit Korea Year. Darting in and out of different places all over the world, the staff members of the Visit Korea Committee are always busy publicizing the Visit Korea Year! They took a photo with the mascots of PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games, Soohorang and Bandabi. ^^
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Visit Korea Committee Holds MOU Signing Ceremony for Visit Jeonbuk 2017 On February 28, the proclamation ceremony of the Visit Jeonbuk 2017 was held at Four Seasons Hotel! The Visit Korea Committee signed a business agreement with North Jeolla Province and the Korea Tourism Organization. This agreement aimed to more vigorously attract tourists from home and abroad based on association between the Visit Jeonbuk 2017 and the 2016–2018 Visit Korea Year. Like always, we joined this event to capture the scene in detail! The event hall was busy with Travel Mart (consultations). Travel agencies were presenting various tours in North Jeolla Province on their booths. Now the official event of the Visit Jeonbuk 2017 has begun. The event started with a performance offered by the North Jeolla province Institute for Korea Traditional Performing Arts. As a pride of North Jeolla Province that deserves global recognition, the traditional performance showed us a very appealing story. It very well presented North Jeolla Province’s own distinctive, attractive culture. As it proceeded with the MOU signing ceremony, Visit Korea Committee Chairman Park Sam-koo appeared. (From left) Chairman Park Sam-koo of the Visit Korea Committee, Governor Song Ha-jin of North Jeolla Province, President Jung Chang-soo of the Korea Tourism Organization We expect the great synergy that will be made between the 2016–2018 Visit Korea Year and the Visit Jeonbuk 2017. As the last part of the event, a commemorative performance was played with the main guests. The dynamic and splendid performance was so amazing! We will work harder to attract more foreign tourists not only in this year, but until the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games.
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