Visit Korea Committee Activities

2016–2018 Visit Korea Year Promoted at the 2017 Feel Korea in London   The 2016–2018 Visit Korea Year campaign darting in and out of different places all over the world came up in London, United Kingdom—the nation of gentlemen!Here, we took part in the 2017 Feel Korea in London for four days from July 6 to 9 to carry out promotional activities for this campaign. Our booth was crowded with many visitors as soon as the event began. We explained details about various benefits available to tourists in Korea and handed out souvenirs.As many visitors showed big interest in touring and learning about Korea, our activities were very fulfilling all the way through the event. On the second floor of the event hall was a booth where visitors can try Korean foods and cook by themselves! This booth was so popular thanks to its offer of those Korean foods that are loved by both Korean and foreign people, such as dakgangjeong (crispy chicken nuggets) and instant noodles. We also had a K-pop dance class for K-Pop fans in the U.K. They could learn and enjoy dances with their favorite stars! It must be more than great for those K-pop lovers! The performance show by Korean Wave stars! It was not to be missed! The audience were completely absorbed in the fascinating performances delivered by such K-pop leaders as Highlight, EXID, and Snuper. This show had greater significance as it was preceded by displaying some promotional video clips for the Visit Korea Year campaign’s programs—Korea Tour Card, Korea Grand Sale, and K-Smile Campaign! 🙂 The Visit Korea Committee will continue to participate in various events at home and abroad for greater publicity to the Visit Korea Year campaign and eventually to the beautiful, tourist-friendly Korea. 🙂
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Appointment Ceremony for the Members of the 13th Workers’ National Smile Team Do you all know smile is the most basic expression of kindness? On July 4, we attended the appointment ceremony for the members of the 13th Workers’ National Smile Team at Tmark Grand Hotel Myeong-Dong. Shall we go together to see their bright smiles? Through recommendations from local governments and related organizations and subsequent screening, 58 workers at the front line of Korean tourism have won the membership of the National Smile Team—Their fields include entry/exit and customs, transportation, accommodation, shopping, tour guiding, and the tourist police. As Korea’s most hospitable people gathered together, the atmosphere was really nice and filled with smiles. 😀 Before the event, they took profile photos to celebrate their appointment! These members’ smiles make other people also feel pleasant! That’s why they deserve to be titled as members of the National Smile Team! 😀 Visit Korea Committee Secretary-General Han Kyung-ah granted appointment letters to 10 representing members along with a congratulatory message. Ta-da! As a special member, Korea’s exceptionally caring singer, Eric Nam, showed up! Matching the title as a member of the National Smile Team, he is an emerging icon of kindness and consideration who acts so nice to foreign celebrities with his fluent English skills! After appointed as an honorary member, he presented a celebrating performance. His mere appearance was enough to dazzle the audience and warmly brightened up the mood. ♡_♡ XD Until every Korean citizen joins the National Smile Team, the 2016–2018 Visit Korea Year and the National Smile Team will continue to take the lead in promoting the K-Smile Campaign! 🙂  
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 Press Conference for Foreign Reporters Held to Celebrate 2016–2018 Visit Korea Year    The Visit Korea Committee is working hard to attract more foreign tourists during the 2016–2018 Visit Korea Year! As part of the effort, on July 3, the committee held a press conference at the Foreign Press Center Korea for foreign reporters from five Asian countries including Vietnam, Indonesia, and Uzbekistan. The press conference began with an introduction to the 2016–2018 Visit Korea Year campaign and the committee’s main programs. And this was followed by a Q&A session—the foreign reporters were eager to participate! The reporters’ questions touched on various subjects including the effectiveness of the Visit Korea Year campaign, the role of the Visit Korea Committee, current conditions of tourist service facilities, safety issues in Korea, and conflicts between urbanization and the protection of traditions. This time was a welcome opportunity to further promote Korea. 🙂   After the end of the press conference, an Indonesian state TV program interviewed Visit Korea Committee Secretary-General Han Kyung-ah!  We found it touching that the Visit Korea Committee and the Visit Korea Year continue to receive positive publicity worldwide.   After the press conference, the reporters shared that they were deeply captivated by the charms of Korea! 😀 A photo was taken showing everyone making hearts with their fingers.  We hope that increasing numbers of foreign tourists learn about the 2016–2018 Visit Korea Year and eventually get to know Korea!  The Visit Korea Committee will continue to take the lead to make this hope come true!  
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Jeju Yellow Fest in Namiseom!     When you think of Jeju, what comes to your mind first? Jeju Island is known for Mt. Halla, Jeju black pork, cafes with stunning ocean views, hallabong, and basalt. Above all, however, the first thing comes up to my mind is canola flowers: Jeju reminds me of canola flowers, canola flowers of yellow, and yellow of Jeju. I guess I am not the only one with these associations. Upon hearing the news that the Yellow Fest is being held in Jeju, all of use in the Visit Korea Committee came right over to witness the festival! This yellow tree loaded up with bottles of the vitamin drink Vita 500 and the hangover drink Ready Q first caught our attention. These yellow-colored drinks perfectly match the Yellow Fest’s concept. The two drink makers were said to donate as many as ten thousand bottles of the drinks. How wonderful! However, we in the committee could not be satisfied with being second to them! After considering what kind of event would most suit this great festival, the committee decided to arrange a “Pledge of Kindness” campaign because many local Koreans would come by. Matching the campaign’s good intentions, a great number of people participated—I was so pleased that the numbers exceeded our expectations! Jeju Namiseom CEO Kang U-hyeon was present all the way through the event and gladly helped us out by introducing visitors to the Visit Korea Committee. His enthusiasm was inspiring! To keep up with him, we worked even harder for the campaign! There were many things to see and enjoy at the Yellow Fest. I know that next year’s Yellow Fest will be even more successful. Please don’t forget to invite the committee to your next event! XD
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