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Privacy Policy
A. Items of personal information collected and collection method
Name, e-mail address, gender, mobile phone number, nationality, post address
B. Purpose of collecting and using personal information
- To receive applications for the Visit Korea Committee e-newsletter and dispatch it
- To receive applications for events and deliver accompanying giveaways
C. Retention and use period of personal information
Personal information is retained for the regular dispatch of the e-newsletter, confirmation of winning prizes in events, it delivery of giveaways; and is discarded without delay when an application for unsubscription to the e-newsletter is made on this website.
D. Entrusted handling of personal information
1. The organization entrusted with the handling of personal information (trustee): The Visit Korea Committee
2. Tasks in relation to the entrusted handling of personal information: online service operation, newsletter production and dispatch, and event giveaway delivery
E. You may disagree on the collection and use of personal information as above. However, your use of service may be limited.

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