Visit Korea Committee Activities

Myeong-dong, Chuncheon City, Gangwon Province
2017-02-06 11:06

<K-Smile Campaign During the Winter Travel Week> Myeong-dong, Chuncheon City, Gangwon Province

On January 21, the Visit Korea Committee held a K-Smile Campaign in Myeong-dong, Chuncheon City, Gangwon Province.
This campaign took place during the Winter Travel Week.
The event was attended by representatives of various organizations, including the Visit Korea Committee, University Students’ National Smile Team, Korea Tourism Organization, Gangwon Provincial Office, Chuncheon City Office, and Gangwon Tourism Association


Myeong-dong, Chuncheon is filled with affection, kindness, and warm smiles!
The representatives pose for a photo before the start of the campaign.


The campaign has officially begun!
The University Students’ National Smile Team members are holding up pickets promoting the Visit Korea Year and the K-Smile Campaign.
Under the lead of CEO Jung Chang-soo of the Korea Tourism Organization and Secretary-General Han Kyung-ah of the Visit Korea Committee, the students visited shops in Myeong-dong to promote the campaign.


Despite the cold weather, many local retailers participated in the campaign and personally welcomed tourists visiting Chuncheon for the weekend.
We asked them to introduce the campaign in detail to every visitor. ^^


Our next destination was the Romantic Market, another major attraction in Chuncheon.
Located in the heart of Chuncheon, the market is a popular spot that draws many visitors.
At the market, we promoted the campaign to many stall keepers and purchased goods from them.


We felt satisfied at the enthusiasm shown by the stall keepers and visitors towards the campaign.
The locals’ warmth and friendliness at the Romantic Market left a lasting impression.
We hope that the K-Smile Campaign will spread across the country, allowing visitors to be greeted with warm smiles wherever they go. 🙂


The University Students’ National Smile Team played a key role in this campaign!
They were captivated by the charm of the Chuncheon Dakgalbi Street.
It seems like they’ll soon return to Chuncheon for another delicious meal. ^^

The restaurant workers promised to welcome foreign tourists visiting Chuncheon for a taste of dakgalbi with warm smiles and kindness. We hope that the Dakgalbi Street will become one of the nation’s best food alleys!