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Event for Welcome Week for World Tourists!
Visit Korea Committee
2017-04-27 14:12

Welcome Week for World Tourists is soon taking place throughout Korea from April 28 to May 7!
How much do you know about the Korea Tour Card, which is the master key for tours in Korea?
Join right now in the Visit Korea Committee event and get a gift along with learning more details about the Korea Tour Card!

How to Join:
① In the event page’s comment box, write down the number of the item that is not a benefit of the Korea Tour Card (The answer must be in numerical form, such as 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5).
② In the comment box, attach your answer number with the reason why you want to buy the Korea Tour Card.

Winner Selection: The event winners will be drawn at random from among people who have chosen the right answer.* Click here for details about the benefits of the Korea Tour Card!
* See for details about the Korea Travels voucher.