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Review Meeting on the Outcomes of the Korea Grand Sale
2017-03-23 17:17

Review Meeting on the Outcomes of the Korea Grand Sale

On Tuesday, March 14, a standing banner of the Visit Korea Committee was set up at the trendy looking Stay Round Gee on the Hongdae Streets.
This day, a meeting was held to review the outcomes of the Korea Grand Sale.

It was joined by representatives from the participant companies of the Korea Grand Sale.
The logo of the Korea Grand Sale matches well with the finger food, doesn’t it? 😀

At the entrance, the attendees put their business cards into the box for a lucky draw event scheduled at the end of the meeting. Would they get their desired gifts?

The meeting began with a witty introduction by MC Nam Gwan-woo, who had also served as the MC at the previous Korea Sale FESTA event.

Of course, this remarkable meeting couldn’t be proceeded without a welcoming address of Secretary-General Han Kyung-ah!
She gave thanks to all attendees who honored this meeting by their presence even with their busy schedule and promised that the Visit Korea Committee would continue its efforts to better satisfy their needs.

A special guest invited from the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism remarked “We always welcome your creative ideas on how to further develop the Korea Grand Sale.” 🙂

And it was followed by a brief report on the outcomes of the Korea Grand Sale by Visit Korea Committee Manager Kim Hyeon-joon.
According to a survey of foreign tourists, more than four out of five respondents were satisfied with the Korea Grand Sale, and 79% were willing to visit Korea again!
I felt so proud of the great contribution of the Korea Grand Sale to making “a Korea that people want to visit again.” 😀

Now is an awards ceremony for top business performers.
The representatives of Shinsegae Department Store and Airport Railroad received the Award of the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism, along with HK Express flight tickets and flower bouquets!
And the Award of the Chairman of the Visit Korea Committee was granted to Jayjun Cosmetic, Everland, Shinsegae Department Store, The Face Shop, Tony Moly, Lotte Department Store, and SM Duty Free! Congratulations! 😀

Before those who didn’t won the prizes were disappointed, another chance was given: The Lucky Draw Game!
Once a winner was picked out, this fortunate person picked out the subsequent winner to share the luck. The subsequent winner then picked out the next lucky one, and so forth. The review meeting ended with this heartwarming game. ^_^

Please continue your cheering support for the Korea Grand Sale to develop year after year until it completely positions as a representative shopping & tour festival enjoyable for both locals and foreigners!