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2020 Korea Grand Sale Foreigner Invitational Hands-on Event
2020-01-19 18:54

10 guests flew in from 10 countries to promote the Korea Grand Sale!

The “Foreigner Invitational Hands-on Event” invited the honorary reporters of under the Korean Culture and Information Service and winners of “Talk Talk Korea,” the international content competition, so that they can personally experience the Korea Grand Sale and promote the program.

The 10 invitees from 10 countries such as China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Germany, and Mexico enjoyed the promotion events and essential benefits of the Korea Grand Sale including K-Pop and K-Beauty from the opening ceremony on the 16th.

Let’s see what happened there.

They started the first experience at Lotte Tower in Seoul.
The staff of Lotte Tower kindly provided detailed descriptions on how the tower was built including the embedded safety of the entire building.

The invitees visited the Snoopy Exhibition at the Lotte Museum inside the tower to take some memorable photographs. Must have been fun!
The day ended with a visit to Lotte World Tower Seoul Sky, a must-visit site for foreigners.

More photographs with the great night views
Seoul Sky offered a pleasant time with a grand night view of the city not found anywhere else.

The second day, January 16th, was an important day as it was the beginning of the Korea Grand Sale.
The foreign invitees cannot miss the opening ceremony, right?

Many VIPs including the Vice Minister of the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism and representatives of the tourism industry were there as well.

The invitees also went to the Welcome Center right in front of Doota Mall to enjoy diverse events.

Next up, what every K-Pop fan has been waiting for.
Attending MCOUNTDOWN at CJ ENM Center in Sangam-dong!

Unfortunately, photographs were not allowed during airing, so our invitees just took pictures of the tickets for consolation.

Jennifer from Indonesia said she will never forget the day as she actually saw K-Pop stars in person, having seen them only in magazines and video clips before.

On the 3rd day, the invitees visited the National Museum of Korea to learn about Korean traditions and history.

Thanks to the Docent Tour, the invitees could ask questions and learn more details about the history of Korea.

What we all love is a shopping time! There was also history shopping time to get some exclusive Korean traditional goods offered by the National Museum of Korea.

Haslina from Malaysia purchased a set of postcards with Korean traditional paintings and planned to promote them on her social media account so that more tourists can enjoy the discount with the Korea Grand Sale coupon.

The group moved to “Sulwhasoo Flagship Store” to experience the essence of K-Beauty.

Makeup artist Gyeong-su Yun, who did the makeup of some celebrities, described the latest beauty trends and basic beauty knowledge of Korea.

The full-on makeup class included a step-by-step course, from skincare to color selection.

Attendees got to try Sulwhasoo cosmetics on their skin
After the makeup class, we could obviously tell the brightness enhancement of the invitees’ skin. Not only that, they all looked more beautiful, too!

Day 4 featured a visit to “One Million Dance Studio” where renowned choreographer Lia Kim is a member.

The invitees had a chance to learn “Mamamoo’s HIP Dance,” which was immensely popular around the world. Choreographer Min-yeong Park, who created the steps, taught the dance in person.

It would be an utter shame not to have a photo with the choreographer Min-yeong Park!

Next, they visited KOREA HOUSE operated by the Korea Cultural Heritage Foundation for hands-on sessions of Korean traditional culture.

Each invitee put on the Hanbok they wanted and did makeup including hairstyling before learning about Korean etiquette.

From formal greetings in holidays to basic courtesies! Not easy, but should be useful.

They took a bold step and learned the Maedeup craft (Korean traditional macramé craft) directly from the craftsman!

Lisa from Germany said it was hard to learn but so fun once she got used to it; she wanted to learn more about Korean macramé.

In the evening, the group had dinner in KOREA HOUSE along with the ceremony of appointing the invitees as K-friends of the Visit Korea Committee.

They were cordially asked to spread the word about Korean culture in their home country upon their return.

The 5th day in Korea was for returning home.
All invitees eventually grew so close to each other after 5 days in Korea and expressed regret over parting ways.

But there will be another day to meet again in Korea!

See you again in Korea!